Monday, March 2, 2009

It's better NOT to have. Totally

Situation 1:
Me & Akiey were working out in the gym (when the gym was still open for use) while giving each other a tazkirah. She said something interesting about 'nikmat kurniaan Allah'.


She said she has some friends who are smart, & sometimes wished she could be like one of them. But then when she thinked back, if only she had the brain, would she still be one with gratitude?

So, she said she prayed to Allah, (more or less like this):
"Ya Allah, kalau kepandaian tu akan menjauhkan aku dariMu, jauhkanlah aku dari kepandaian itu,"

Situation 2:

I was in my classmate's room, who just came back from sending off a friend from her former MRSM to Australia, who got 43 for his IB. ('WOW!!' I know)

Then another friend of mine came, who is from the same class with the guy. She said that guy was a genius but very, very humble. Unlike this other guy who's also from her form 5 class, is a genius too, but always liked to show off that he's smart.

It got me thinking, Akiey was right with her prayer.

Which one would you rather have, the temporary nikmat duniawi, or keredhaan Allah...?


  1. Saling memberi tazkirah time kat gym ekk, hebat btul korg huhu....truskan2 ;)

  2. Linda n Akiey mmg budak baik n cute =)

    p/s: err din jgn jeles ek.. heh =p

  3. huh? knp plak perlu jeles hoho

    cemburu hanya dibenarkan kpd org yg ada ilmu dan manfaatkannya dan org berharta yg membelanjakannya di jalan Allah :P

  4. haha.. ok2 so betul la kene jeles an.. sbb diorg baik.. n ada ilmu.. n manfaat kn dyer..