Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last week's ceramah was entertaining, but more importantly an eye-opener.

Remaja - remaji.
Gentleman - gentel man.
"Saya suka awak, saya suka awak," (right hand imitating Hitler's)

What caught my attention was when the ustaz was talking about rempit and then he said, well not his exact words but it kinda goes like this:

"Alhamdulillah awak semua ni ade kesedaran..."


'Kesedaran' not to do such things he mentioned our friends out there are doing. Alhamdulillah & insyaAllah (or should it be na'uzubillah...?) that not one of us will fall out of the right track. InsyaAllah everyone has this type of 'kesedaran'.

But there's another type of 'kesedaran' that keep me wondering whether or not we possess. That is the awareness to 'rescue' those people. The calling which needs us to reach out to them & open their eyes. Our responsibility.

I really hope everyone has the 'kesedaran' to do just that.

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