Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Destiny

Great humans of this world

Will think of their future

Will think of their destiny in this world

And will think of what they can do in their short life

Have we ever thought of it?

If we have not

It shows that we don’t really care

Our existence as a human

Have u seen Matrix?

Do u realize that our existence in this world

Is the same as in the Matrix world?

What do I mean?

It is unreal….

Have u ever heard of Allah’s words

In Al-Hadid verse 20

That this world is only play and amusement?

That this world is only a deceiving enjoyment?

This world is not the real one

It is just like an MMORPG (Multi-player online role playing game)

This world seems real

But what we get in this world

Will not give effect in the ‘real’ world

Instead, it is what we do

That will count

O humans

Hear my call

Turn back and return to the path of our creator

To the purpose of our existence in this world

So that we will not regret

And won’t be crying and wooing in sorrow

When we open our eyes in the ‘real’ world

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