Saturday, May 2, 2009

Of exams & saham akhirat

Since the IB exam is just a day after tomorrow, I decided to post something that is kind of related to exams. It's what I had had been through myself during the 3rd semester exam. For real.
With eyes half-opened, I glanced at my cell phone to look at the time. My eyes just snapped open and I started to feel numb, scared, regret, blood draining out of the heart, everything, you name it.

It was actually because there was Biology HL exam for semester 3 that morning, but I had fallen asleep the night before, and I hadn't finish revising. Honestly, I myself was quite surprised that I'd just doze off just like that, without realizing it. Okay, back to the story.

It was almost time for subuh prayers, maybe 10 minutes to athan. So I quickly showered and tried to revise as much as I possibly could within that much time before the exam began.

To make matters worse, I had actually silently said to myself, "Ya Allah, ampuni hambaMu ini kali ni, skali niii je tanak gi surau & tak bace Ma'thurat,"

But Alhamdulillah at that very instant, I realized what happened. Then I scolded myself, "Heish, Linda! Sem 3 exam je. Nak gadaikan saham akhirat plak. Tsk5,"

Alhamdulillah, I prayed subuh at the surau & recited Ma'thurat that morning. :)

Although I didn't get 7 for Bio Sem 3, I'm just grateful my grade didn't drop.

And now that we are all going to sit for a more important exam that determines whether or not our sponsors are going to send us abroad, let's just try to always remind each other that we are actually being EXAMined by The Almighty Himself, everyday, every second.

And that's what matters most, no matter what.
No excuses. (bio exam sem 3?! *toing!)


  1. thumbs up! (^_^)
    thnx 4 sharing wit us. really appreciate it. keep it up
    all d best 4 d exam KMBians..

  2. Miss Linda.. =)

    bilik awak an lagi jauh dari surau.. mesti kene banyak melangkah n mesti lagi banyak pahala an.. best2! =)