Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prophet Muhammad threw a garbage

I listened to a talk by Lisa Killinger in a CD and was told about a story, a very beautiful story of our lovely loving prophet SAW, Muhammad Bin Abdullah.

Just sharing what i heard...

One day, a sahabat saw Rasulullah SAW was throwing a garbage at the back of his house..

Sahabat was shocked to see the prophet carrying the garbage and walked to him and said,

"Ya Rasulullah...owh, you shouldn't be doing are, you are a prophet!A prophet shouldn't be doing this terrible dirty job..this is not your job"

Then, Rasulullah asked the sahabat back

"Then, who should be doing this? Is it the MOTHER OF THE BELIEVERS?(ummul mukminin)"


See people... Our prophet had never looked down to women...he offered to help throwing the garbage and did it willingly. And it shows clearly, undeniably, that he really looked up to women that he thought that throwing garbage should not be done by a person called 'wife'....and in his case, his wife, the ummul mukminin, the mother of the believers...

So, not to be sexist, just reminding everyone...see how beautiful the akhlaq of our prophet...see how beautiful gender relation is when it is blessed by the Lord of 'Alameen...

To the women, look at how beautiful ourselves are...And see how sweet our religion is that Allah has asked us to cover almost everything we have beautifully...(we have extra good stuff to cover anyway..=) )

What a beautiful faith we have, rite? So, dont ever lose your grip...=)

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