Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Beginning

(gambar hiasan, my sister and her child)

The Beginning
Every story has a beginning
And as human
Our beginning had started long before we knew it
Long before we realised that we are alive
Long before the time we were born
We ourselves had already forgotten that moment
When our souls were created
And when we decided to be born in this world
When we had the right to choose
Whether to be born
Or to just die
In our mothers’ womb

If now we still have the right to make our own decision
Will we still choose to live in this world?
Where there is no guarantee that we'll survive
Where there are all sorts of satans all around us
The ones we can and cannot see
Will we still choose to be born as a human?
A being that even worms did not want to become
A being that are burdened with thousands of responsibilities
Will we still choose to be that being?

Regardless of all the responsibilities
Regardless of all the other beings think about us
Regardless of your answers

My answer is yes
Because human is the only being that had been honoured by our Creator
The same being that Allahs Beloved, Rasulullah was born
The only being that are entrusted with thousands of responsibilities

Regardless of our answers
There is nothing that we can do now
We can never change our beginning anymore

We are still able to choose our ending
Or rather
We are now in the present of making decision
Whether to end our story in the everlasting happiness in heaven
Or everlasting torture in hell
We still have the right to make our own decision

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